With Americans living longer and spending more time in retirement, have you considered how you will afford a comfortable retirement? A retirement nest egg may be the largest amount of money you will ever need to accumulate. Think about a Wisconsin annuity.

An annuity is a form of insurance that pays out income monthly, quarterly, annually or as a lump sum- depending on your specific plan. By making investments in your annuity, you will receive payments to you on a future date, or series of dates. How you receive payments depends on the type of annuity you invest in.

Fixed annuities are a safe, risk-free way to plan for a comfortable retirement. You do so, on a tax-deferred basis. The money is protected, and you can get a guarantee that you’ll never outlive the income you receive from the annuity.

Variable annuities offer a range of investment options; where the value of your investment depends on the performance of the invesment options you choose – also on a tax-deferred basis. Variable annuities let you receive periodic payments for the rest of your life and offer protection against the risk of outliving your assets.

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