Individual & Family

Until recently, employers largely offered health insurance to their employees and families. Now, more and more individuals have discovered that purchasing an individual plan can actually provide more value and in some cases, be less costly.

If you are wondering whether an individual health plan can work for you, it’s time you reviewed your options. The Health Insurance Experts can help you through this process, taking your lifestyle and budget into consideration and comparing quotes to find the perfect plan for you. Plans that you may choose from include:

PPOs (Preferred Provider Organizations). Affordable individual coverage that lets you get coverage with any health care provider.

HMOs (Health Maintenance Organization). One of the most affordable individual options, HMOs create networks of care providers where you can get your care covered.

HSA (Health Savings Account). Includes a high-deductible plan and a health savings account, tax-free where you can save money to pay for medical expenses.

And more…

To learn more about each type of plan, speak to our insurance agents by calling 1-715-579-2916 today. We’ll work with you through each step of finding and owning a Wisconsin individual health plan, because we’ve got your best interests in mind.

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